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  • The KROOKED TINO RAZO GUEST BOARD is a skateboard deck featuring vibrant artwork of two stylized, abstract characters set against a gradient background transitioning from yellow to red. The text at the bottom reads "Tino Razo guest board for Krooked," highlighting LEE SMITH as the guest artist. Blue skateboard deck with the product name "KROOKED TINO RAZO GUEST BOARD" printed in white on the lower half, featuring a design from guest artist Lee Smith.
  • The KROOKED LEE SMITH GUEST ARTIST WHEEL WELLS skateboard deck features an illustration of a person in a red bathing suit with a tattooed arm, set against a blue background. Designed for quick, responsive pop and enhanced control. Introducing the KROOKED LEE SMITH GUEST ARTIST WHEEL WELLS skateboard deck, showcasing a brown wood grain pattern with stunning shark artwork by Lee Smith on the bottom. The text "Guest Artist Lee Smith" and "Krooked Skateboarding" is prominently displayed. Designed for quick responsive pop, this deck offers superior control—perfect for KROOKED TEAM EASY RIDERS.
  • A KROOKED TEAM EASY RIDERS BLUE skateboard deck in blue, featuring a 32.56" length and an 8.62" width, adorned with a graphic design of two stylized eyes in light blue and white.
  • A green KROOKED CERNICKY SNAKE BOARD, 8.38 x 32, featuring a snake illustration with the text "Krooked Cernicky" below the design. The deck boasts a Manderson shape, making it perfect for any rider looking to nail their tricks in style.
  • A blue stained deck with a drawing of a ladder of skateboards an gonz birds around it. A SKATESHOP DAY 2024 SHOP KEEPER skateboard deck featuring a drawing of a building and birds, available at a DELUXE skateshop.